Jaylan Sims named 2018 Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis Youth of the Year

Posted: February 26th, 2018

"When I first walked into the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis Sycamore View Club, eight years ago, I didn't know what to expect. Every day at school, my friends would say, "Come to the Club!". I knew that there had to be a good reason why everyone was talking about it. So I decided to find out for myself what the commotion was all about. My Boys & Girls Club played a key role in my development as I grew older. The experience has been enjoyable for three primary reasons; club safety & atmosphere, my relationship with staff, and over the top programming experiences." -Jaylan Sims, 2018 Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis Youth of the Year

On Tuesday, February 13th the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis had the pleasure of announcing Jaylan Sims as the 2018 Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis Youth of the Year presented by HigherVisibility!

Jaylan competed against five fellow Boys & Girls Club members each representing their Club for the title. That evening, in front of thirteen judges representing the Memphis community, Jaylan delivered a 3 minute speech that shared his Club experience, his vision for America's youth, and his personal brand. He then participated in a 9 minute question and answer session with the judges where he expanded on his future educational and career goals, ideas of how to better the city, and the amazing way his dad has been a role model in his life. Jaylan's personality and charisma shined through which was no surprise to those that have known him over his past eight years of being a Club member at the Sycamore View Club.

Jaylan had spent weeks preparing for the Youth of the Year competition. He completed an extensive application that included supporting documents that were professional and well-assembled for a favorable first impression on the judges. His three essays provided great insight for the judges into his home, school, and Club life. Jaylan is a junior at White Station High School where he holds a 4.0 GPA and has been designated as a Tennessee State Certified Gifted Student. He is extremely active in various Club programs such as the intramural football and basketball leagues, Keystone Club where he serves as President, Triple Play, and Passport to Manhood. As the captain of the basketball team this year he shared he always leads by example, never taking credit for the successes but always taking responsibility for the failures. Jaylan says that the Club inspires him to give back and give from his heart.

As the 2018 Youth of the Year, Jaylan will represent the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis exemplifying the mission of the organization. On March 26th he will travel to Nashville where he will compete for the state title to represent all of the Clubs across Tennessee! As Youth of the Year Jaylan wishes to: "Be a role model for all youth especially those who see their future limited by their current environment, make a positive difference in the lives of children across the nation while collaborating with other Club members, and proving to myself that I can accomplish my goals and do anything I put my mind to."

Learn more about Jaylan and the impact that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis has had on his life by reading his three essays that were completed for the competition:

1. My Club Experience

2. My Vision for America's Youth

3. My Personal Brand

Thank you to our friends at HigherVisibility for sponsoring the 2018 Youth of the Year Program.

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